The Passageway to Peace:

Men and Women’s Sober Living Environments:

We are here to help you get a start in your new life:

The Passageway to Peace refers to two sober living residences in Wilmington, NC:  one residence for men, one for women.  Sober living houses are sometimes referred to as recovery houses and even halfway houses.  The Passageway to Peace is more than living with sober roommates.  

What we provide is unique.

We provide a comfortable and quality, yet affordable, living space that you can be proud to call home. Both of our homes are located in private, serene locations.    We are located 5 miles from the beautiful Atantic Ocean, it beaches and marshes, and all the serenity it has to offer.   Yet very close to shopping and employment opportunities for everyday life.  

Our recovery house offers a supportive environment to help people new to sobriety to develop skills and build relationships.  This helps men learn to live sober and stay sober.  We encourage working a 12-step program and having a sponsor.  These are keys to longterm sobriety.  We see our mission as not only providing a sober environment for the time you are at The Passageway to Peace - put ensuring that our houseguests develop the framework to sustain sober living once leaving our recovery house.

Our goal is to give you a place to start your clean and sober life, that provides the support and structure needed by a person new to recovery.  

“When you are tired of lowering  your dreams and goals to match your behavior and ready to set your behaviors to match your dreams and goals” - then you are ready for The Passageway to Peace.  

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