The Passageway to Peace opened in Wilmington, NC in March of 2016 out of the personal experience of its founder, Jeff Weigele.  When coming out of residential treatment (drug rehab) over 10  years ago, Jeff was looking for a sober living home for men that would provide a quality home and stable environment for his sobriety to grow.  That type of home away from home was not available.  That is why The Passageway to Peace is here today.

Our philosophy is to provide:

- Sober & clean (alcohol drug-free) environment

- Orderly and structured daily living systems

- Quality living facility (newly renovated)

- Affordable rate

Sober living houses, recovery houses, are sometimes referred to as halfway houses.  At The Passageway to Peace, we don’t do anything halfway.  We are here to provide you a home away from home.  During your stay, our hope is to assist you in developing the skills and network to stay sober long beyond your stay with us.  

We believe that living with sober roommates is not enough to help someone new to sobriety to stay sober.  We provide a support structure of daily living that helps our houseguests learn to manage life with skills for success to stay sober.  

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